Anaphora is the anaphoric macro collection from Hell: it includes many new fiends in addition to old friends like AIF and AWHEN. Anaphora is in the Public Domain.

Documentation is here. The latest source may be obtained from github.


2021-11-23: 0.9.7 released. Compared with the 0.9.4 release, adds a README, the well-known ALAMBDA macro, and file attributes for Genera. Also includes new tests and some bug fixes.
2011-06-15: 0.9.4 released. Rather than waiting for the exact date of the fifth anniversary of 0.9.3, it seems time to release the minor fixes that have accumulated over the years, due to Gary King, Martin Simmons, and Olof-Joachim Frahm. Also, ALET and SLET have been added, thanks to Olof-Joachim Frahm.
2006-06-30: 0.9.3 released. Fixes a long-standing ACOND bug, incorporates APROG1 (thanks to Gary King), and adds more documentation strings. For users of the CVS version there is little new here.


If you have quicklisp, simply:

CL-USER(1): (ql:quickload "anaphora")

Anaphora can manually be downloaded from here: anaphora-latest.tar.gz .

Browse releases.


Questions, feature requests, and bug-reports are welcome on anaphora-devel.

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